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Copyright ©1981- 2017
Michel Griffin Rain


I have been a professional photographer for 36 years and always fed my artistic side with photography, playing music, creating artwork and writing. My gallery work consists of my abstract works and figure studies which have been shown in international shows and received numerous awards. Through different stages of life they have always played a huge role in fulfilling me. They are friends and I am grateful to have them.

Current projects include:

  • RainSome.com: Showcasing artistic photography and abstract artwork.

  • Artistic photography for gallery showings.

  • Abstract artwork: created digitally using multiple programs for gallery showings.

  • Writing and performing original music.

  • Writing fiction & non-fiction books.

  • The Griffin Box; A patented (Patent #US 8,074,390 B2, 2011), rich wood, coffee-table display box for original artwork.

  • The Infinite Oracle; A registered trademarked (TM Serial #85268733, Registration #4129721, 2012) game (upcoming)