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Michel Griffin Rain

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I have been a professional photographer since 1980 and I am proud to say it has always been my passion. My gallery work consists of my abstract works and figure studies, which have been shown in international shows and received numerous awards. Through different stages of life they have always played a huge role in fulfilling me. They are friends and I am grateful to have them.

Current projects include:

  • RainSome.com, showcasing artistic photography and abstract artwork.
  • Artistic photography for gallery showings.
  • Abstract artwork: created digitally using multiple programs for gallery showings.
  • Writing fiction & non-fiction books.

Art Resumé & Biography:

Michel Griffin Rain grew up in the beautiful Skagit Valley of Washington State. He began his photography studies in San Diego, California during high school, before finally being able to return to his beloved Pacific Northwest. Now he lives in picturesque British Columbia where he continues practicing his love of photography.

With a great desire to know the never-ending depths of his art form, Michel has worked in just about every aspect of photography. This has included all types of studio work, traditional color and black & white printing, as well as digital fine art Giclèe printing. He has an extensive knowledge of Photoshop among other creative programs.

Michel has owned and operated his professional photographic labs and studios. He has also managed a number of large-scale professional photographic labs in Seattle and San Diego. He began showing his artwork in galleries in 1979. Michel has been shown internationally for which he has received numerous awards for his fine art photography of Figure Studies and Digital Abstracts. Michel has also been teaching photography since 1985.

Artist Statement:
"A true artist sincerely loves their work. From the beginning to the end they honor the time spent within it. They relish the texture, the scent, and the feel of it. It can bring the highest joy and the deepest anguish, because it is their greatest passion. The best part of any art form is that there is no end to where it can lead and every person who comes in contact with it will forever interpret it differently. Continually striving to better my work, my art is an ongoing process. Pushing myself is both exceedingly fulfilling and greatly frustrating. There are days I must protect myself from myself so that I can remain in the enjoyment of it and not in the work of it."

Dates of Work:

2017 - Published THE INFINITE ORACLE, Esoteric Symbolism & Communicating with the Universe Book
Published THE INFINITE ORACLE Book Series, Concise Interpretations
Published THE INFINITE ORACLE, Pendulum Book
2016 - Started photography classes via Skype
2016 - Started selling Postcards - a cool addition!
2016 - Final edits to The Other Side of ER
2015 - Kootenay Christmas Fair, Nelson, BC Canada, Multi-Artist show
2015 - Nelson Road Kings, Car Show, Nelson, BC Canada, Multi-Artist show
2015 - Finished writing "The Other Side of Er", A novel.
What happens when a key is turned, a world is opened and the living enter the land of the dead?
Three strangers who find themselves bound together by the impossibility of being sent into the Underworld without having died first. No one is allowed unless they are dead. What they find is beyond their imagination. Will they ever get out?
Dark, exciting, fascinating and wildly imaginative.
Adult Speculative Fiction
2015 - Art Show, Balfour, BC Canada, Multi-Artist show
2015 - Blue Night, Craft Connection, Nelson, BC Canada, Multi-Artist show
2014 - Finished writing The Infinite Oracle, book
2012 - Trademarked The Infinite Oracle name for game (TM Serial #85268733, Registration #4129721, 2012)
2011 - Copyrighted The Infinite Oracle game artwork (Copyright #VAu 1-086-410, 2011)
2011 - Patented The Griffin Box: A display box for artwork. (Patent #US 8,074,390 B2, 2011)
1999 to 2011 - Created The Infinite Oracle board graphics
2011 to Present - Began offering probono websites for animal cruelty causes (horse slaughter)
2010 - Extra as a police officer on The Tall Man set (with Jessica Biel)
2008 - Built first prototype of The Griffin Box
2006 - Created 72 Hours
2003 - Bohemian Woodlands Gallery, Bremerton WA, Two Artist Show
"Women, Water & Wax" - Figure Studies, Ocean Series
2003 - Featured Artist, Bainbridge Island, WA, Multi-artist Show
"Primary Colors" Abstract Show. Awarded honorable mention for feature works
2003 - Bohemian Woodlands Gallery, Bremerton WA, Solo Show
"Dusty Roads" Photos taken on the back roads of Eastern Washington
2003 - Opened Bohemian Woodlands Gallery & Photographic Studio, Bremerton, WA
1999 - Started The Infinite Oracle graphic and book concepts
1998 to 2010 - Bohemian Woodlands Gallery artist website
1999 - The Wild Rose Seattle, WA, Solo Show
Untitled show, 14 pieces
1997 - Benham Gallery Seattle, WA, Multi-artist Juried Show
"Pushing Boundaries" 4 pieces
1997 - Began producing Digital Abstracts
1996 to 1997 - Lead role as Rain in the "A Day in the Life"
Local television (Seattle) series (1 year series)
1995 to 1996 - Wrote "Keeper of the Fire" novel
1996 - Created The Griffin Box concept
1995 - The Living Room Seattle, WA, Solo Show
"Envision Synchronicity, A Continuing Study of Women's Emotions" 13 pieces
1994 - The Wild Rose Seattle, WA, Multi-artist Show
"Women in Motion" 9 pieces
1994 - CHABALABA San Diego, CA, Solo Show
"Women's Emotions" 16 pieces
1992 - The San Diego Art Institute San Diego, CA, Multi-artist Show
"38th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition" 2 pieces shown.
Received honorable mention award for Sweet Surrender (Nude)
1992 - Rita Dean Gallery San Diego, CA, Multi-artist Show
"The Fear of Human Survival" 2 pieces: Sweet Surrender, Ocean (Nudes).
Both received honorable mention awards
1991 - Del Mar International Exhibition Del Mar, CA International, Multi-artist Juried Show
"42nd International Exhibition of Photography" 1 piece.
Received honorable mention award for Goddess (Nude)
1987 to 1994 - Escondido, CA Opened Reflex Photographics (photography studio)
1987 - Began Figure Studies Work
1983 to 1990 - Started Say Cheeze Photography
A professional photographic lab printing othis photographis's work
1979 to 1982 - Vista Color professional lab (began learning color theory)
1979 - Rancho Santa Fe Gallery CA, Multi-artist Juried Show
"Animal Nature" 4 pieces. Awarded best of show
1976 to 1979 - Studied photography in high School

Professional Resume:

1997 to present - Freelance Photographer and Web Design (WA and BC Canada)
1999 to present - Freelance Web Designer & Test Engineer (USA and Canada)
1999 to 2001 - Senior Quality Assurance Test Engineer for Packet Video (San Diego, CA.)
1999 - Web Designer for QCommerce (Bellevue, WA)
1998 to 1999 - Contractor, Microsoft as a Quality Assurance Test Engineer (Redmond, WA.)
1994 to 1997 - Managed Professional Lab, Pacific Color Inc. (Seattle, WA.)
1993 to 1994 - Managed Professional Lab, Lightworks (San Diego, CA.)
1991 to 1993 - Managed Professional Lab, Picture People (San Diego, CA.)
1987 to 1994 - Started Photography Studio, Reflex Photographics (San Diego, CA.)
1984 to 1986 - Apprenticed under various professional photographers for studio work
1983 to 1990 - Started Professional Photography Lab, Say Cheeze Photography (San Diego, CA.)
1980 to 1982 - Vista Color Labs (Vista, CA.). Apprenticeship for color printing/processing

Michel uses iMac Monitors, Epson 9900 Printer, ColorMunki color management, Epson V750 Scanner, Norman lights/power supplies/softboxes, Nikon D3X Cameras, Mamiya medium-format cameras, along with traditional photography equipment.


2011 Started DVD Instructional Courses: PHP5, JS, jQuery, MySql Database
2010 Continuing Ed, Online Schooling, DVD Instructional Courses: Adobe CS5 Web Suite, Color Management
2009 Certifications, W3 Consortium, Online School: XHTML, HTML4, CSS3
2004 Certifications, New Horizons Tech School, Bellevue, WA: Photoshop CS, Acrobat CS
2001 Certification, Solaris, San Diego, CA: Solaris Training: Admin I Database
2001 Refresher classes, Continuing Ed, San Diego State University, CA: Linux I, Flash I, JavaScript I